Q: What is Outdoor Laser Tag?

A: Outdoor Laser Tag is a revolutionary new hi-tech, adrenaline pumping, team based, live action video game like play game.  Each player is equipped with a hi tech tagger that shoots an invisible  100% safe infared beam "similar to a TV remote control"  to tag opponents sensors. 


Q: What's the minimum age to play?

A: 7 years old


Q:  Do I have to wear paintball goggles when playing laser tag?

A:  Safety is #1 at Fort Knox.  Due to other private paintball parties playing on other near-by maps.  It is mandatory for all laser tag players to wear paintball goggles when on the playing fields.  We use a comfortable "top of the line" paintball goggle system with our taggers.


Q:  Can laser tag be played in the rain?

A:  Yes.  Laser tag is played rain or shine.


Q: Do I need to make a reservation for a Private Party?

A: Yes. Laser tag is reservations only.  8 player minimum.

Click here to make a reservation online, or call us at 574-946-4988


Q: Is Walk on play available? 

A: Walk on play is not available.  Private reservations ONLY.  8 player minimum.


Q: What are the functions of a Tagger?

A "Our semi auto hi-tech taggers have voice/sound effects, use real Red-dot scopes, and have sensitive sensors that go off when tagged. 

Want to increase your Load out?  Upgrade to 3 shot burst - $5 or full auto - $10.