What is a paintball?

A paintball is a round, thin-skinned gelatin capsule, with colored liquid inside of it. Paintballs are similar to large round vitamin capsules. The fill inside paintballs is non-toxic, water-soluble and biodegradable. It rinses out of clothing and off skin with mild soap and water and they are even edible, although we don’t recommend it!

What does "Field Paint Only" mean?

"Field Paint Only"  means you cannot bring outside paintballs purchased from another retailer.  Only our environmentally friendly and biodegradable quality paintballs are allowed to be used to ensure the safety of our players and our property.  No exceptions. 


Is paintball a safe sport?  

As long as standard safety rules are followed and the proper use of industry developed & approved safety equipment is utilized, paintball is one of the safest, participatory sports in the world- safer than bowling!

We take all of the necessary safety precautions to ensure that you have fun, exciting paintball experience. Safety measures include a full safety briefing video before play, full referee supervision throughout the day, reducing the speed of each paintball gun to a safe level, ensuring every player has head and eye protection at all times during play.


Do you still play if it is raining?

 Yes. We play rain or shine.


 How old do I have to be to play paintball?

You must be at least 8 years old to play in a Private Party, and you must be at least 10 years old to play in Open Play and Scenario Events.


Does it hurt when you get hit by a paintball?

Paintballs may feel like a pinch upon impact, but the pain goes away within a few seconds.  Fort Knox Paintball takes precautions to ensure all paintball markers are firing at safe speeds.  For private groups we can lower the firing speed even more, at your request.  Our 15' surrender rule is enforced and mandatory for younger players.

f1 you are worried about the impact, we offer FREE chest protector rental!  Just ask!


Do I need to make a reservation for a Private Party?

Yes. Reservations are required in order to hold a private party for 10 or more players

Click here to make a reservation online, or call us at 574-946-4988


Do I need to make a reservation to play in Walk on Play?

No. Reservations are not required for Walk on Play.  Walk on play is open every Sat. and Sun. 10am-6pm.


What should I wear?

We recommend long pants such as jeans or camo, long sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt, light gloves and a hat. A bandanna for neck protection is a good idea too.  Running shoes or boots are a good option for footwear.  Yes, the paint does wash out.

Camo military jackets are available to rent for $5.  Paintball gloves are also available to rent for $5


Are food and drinks available at the park?

Yes. We do have food and drink concessions that are available and reasonably priced.  We do allow outside food and drinks.  We even have small charcoal grills available to use at no extra charge. Just make sure to bring charcoal and lighter fluid.


Park Safety Rules

All players must read and agree to follow all player safety rules and field safety guidelines. Players must sign the waiver of liability and hold harmless agreement prior to participating in any paintball activities – without exception. Any violation of the safety rules will result in immediate and mandatory ejection from the field and/or premises.

1. SAFETY GOGGLES must be worn by anyone in the playing field and target range at all times. Only Goggles meeting ASTM guidelines for paintball with full-face and ear protection are allowed. Modifications are strictly prohibited.

2. NO SHOOTING in any areas other than the designated playing field and/or target range. No shooting into or out of the registration area, neutral zones, or parking area or at wildlife or automobiles. Markers may only be discharged on the active field of play or target range.

3. NO BLIND SHOOTING Players must look at what they are shooting.

4. ALL JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL Players or spectators will not be allowed to argue with the referees under any circumstances.

5. BARREL SOCKS must be used at all times in every area of the property other than the designated playing field and target range. Barrel Socks must be specifically designed and manufactured for paintball markers.

6. NO CLIMBING of trees, vehicles, or any structure. Guest may not enter, climb on top, or go under any vehicle.

7. NO PHYSICAL CONTACT between players or with judging officials.


9. NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS allowed on the premises. Anyone using or under the influence of alcohol or any other substance will be ejected from the field. Repeat violators will be banned from the facility permanently.

10. NO VERBAL ABUSE including, but not limited to: profanity, name-calling, or racial, ethnic, and/or religious slurs will not be tolerated.

11. SMOKING is allowed only around the main complex building, safe areas, and parking lot.

12. NO UNAUTHORIZED EQUIPMENT or potentially dangerous gear is allowed. All firearms, knives, machetes, paint mines, etc. Are strictly prohibited. The field operator must approve all equipment prior to use.

13. PROPERTY & EQUIPMENT MODIFICATIONS ARE PROHIBITED. Players are not allowed to modify safety goggles, rental markers, bunkers, or any property on the premises.

14. SPECTATORS are required to wear safety goggles unless they remain a minimum of five feet behind the safety netting at all times. No exceptions.

15. All markers must be chronographed under 270 fps. Fort Knox reserves the right to inspect and / or test the velocity of any marker used within the facility at any time

16. THE MAXIMUM RATE OF FIRE IS 12 B.P.S.  One complete trigger pull for each round shot. 3 round burst, 6 round burst, automatic or ramping is not allowed!  All guns must have a trigger guard installed.

17. Do not use paintballs from off the ground. They will break in your gun from dirt and damage your gun.

18.  Overshooting will NOT be tolerated!