Player card- Is an event card that is provided to each player registered for an event. Each card contains two chrono punches that must be punched each day before playing. You must chrono your marker to 270 fps or less and have a referee punch your card before playing.  Each player card also contains a set of three judge punches. If you fail to follow event and/or field rules, use abusive language, show poor conduct on the field, or cause any problems with event staff you will receive a judge punch. Three punches and you will be removed from the event with no refund.  Player cards are considered your ticket into events. You must keep your player card with you at all times when playing a Fort Knox Event.  

Arm Band Tape/Lanyard- It is MANDATORY to show what side you are on. There are 2 different ways to show what side you are on:

1) Have your issued Fort Knox Lanyard (red or blue) w/player card out and visable.

2) Piece of tape generally located on arm.

Goggles/Masks- Required on the field of play at all times  
Barrel Socks
- Required to be covering your barrel at all times before exiting the field of play. Failure to have barrel socks/covers on while in staging areas will result in ref punch.  

Insertion Point locations and windows-  Each side will be designated a base/insertion point . When eliminated you must return completely to your base in order to re-enter game play.  Every 15 minutes players will have a 5 minute window to return back into the game.  If the event allows constant insertion, you do not have to wait for the window.

Boundaries- Do not cross and go over any fences. View Field Map.

Players must remain at least five feet from all netting on the field at all times. Failure to do so will result in said player being eliminated 

Red Line Bubble-Near each Insertion Point Base there is a Red Line painted on the ground.  The Opposite Team can not cross that line into that zone.

Eliminated Player- If you get hit by a paintball and it breaks on you, your gun, or equipment you are out.  Call out and return yo your base/insertion point.  If you get hit and it doesn't break you can continue to play 

A person with barrel sock on. A person with hand or gun in air. Saying “hit” or “out”. If you do any of these actions you are indeed a dead player and must return to your  
insertion. If you are trying to call a medic your first words should be “medic” if you say anything else you are indeed an eliminated player. Once a player is eliminated they must exit the field immediately. No waiting around for another player to get out or watch a good gun battle. This makes it very confusing for reffing staff and players alike. 

FIELD PAINT ONLY- If caught using off field paint.  You will be asked to leave with No Refunds.


Rate of fire- All paintball markers must remain in semi auto modes only, no full auto, bursts, ramping, or trigger mods allowed. THE MAXIMUM RATE OF FIRE IS 12 B.P.S. Failure to follow this rule will result in a judge punch. All markers will shoot 270 FPS or less. If you are caught on the field of play shooting HOT you will be eliminated and receive a judge punch.  


Field Overruns- In the event that a side is completely pushed off of the field and they can not gain entrance back onto the field of play within two insertions, event staff reserves the right to push opposing players back to allow the other team back onto the field.  

DO NOT BARREL TAG- no physical contact of any kind is allowed. 


DEAD PLAYERS DO NOT TALK (Radio or in Person)

High Tide/Low Tide:  Yellow rope that crosses the center of the POW Camp.  If the yellow rope is up, you may not cross.  If it's down, you may cross.  If the center hut is open with no rope, you may cross.

Missions- Tasks given to your commander throughout the game that helps your side score points.  Read Mission card carefully so that you undertand mission.  You must have a ref with you from start to finish.

Flag Stations- Slapstick style PVC pipe contraptions that are used for scoring in most events. To properly secure a flag station make sure your color is showing and the enemy’s color isn’t. Slapsticks that are not pushed all the way to one side may not count. Refer to event specific rules on slapstick scoring for more information.  
Props- Items created or purchased for event specific themes. Generally props are gathered and stored in a bin or box near your sides insertion point. Please refer to event specific rules on props for more information.  Fort Knox Paintball and its staff reserves the right to omit, change, edit, and add rules at any time. Please be sure to reread all rules the night before events to ensure you are educated about the event you are attending. Doing this may save you time and frustration the week end of the event.  Thank you for choosing Fort Knox Paintball!

Commander or XO must be on field at all times.

GHILLE SUITS MAY BE WORN- But all hits count when wearing it.


Law Rockets- Only commercially manufactured law rocket devices may be used at Fort Knox Events. They must be inspected by event staff and chrono’d to no greater than 200 fps.  If you have a Law Rocket.  You must get a ref before you shoot.  Each shot recieves a punch on your card even if you miss.

SNIPER SHOT CARD- Must have oppposing player in line of sight.  If you have a sniper card.  Ask for ref.  Describe to ref what the opposing player is wearing and give location.  Player and red must be able to see the opposing player.

Roleplaying- Players are always encouraged to dress up in costume for our themed events.

REFS- All ref calls are final.  Do not argue with a ref.  This is just a game and we playing to have fun.  If you disagree with a ref.  Talk to the head ref or producer. 

SPORTSMANSHIPAll players are expected to have good sportsmanship.  Good sportsmanship will be awarded points for your side.  In an event of bad sportsmanship,  Points will be taken away from your side.