Pre-registration is CLOSED

Didn't Pre-Register?  Just show up on game day and register. 

Play 1 day or 2 days.  $35 per day.  Includes all day air.





GI Custom 2000/case

day of event $49.95 (plus 7 % sales tax)



Custom Blend "Advanced" 2000/case

day of event $59.95 (plus 7 % sales tax)



Graffiti 2000/case

day of event $64.95  (plus 7 % sales tax)


What is a Big Game?  Basically, it is an all-day theme based scenario event that is played with hundreds of players of all ages and skill levels.  Fort Knox opens all the fields as one GIGANTIC playing field.  Game consists of 2 separate HUGE team forces that battle for points and are given specific missions and tasks to complete throughout the day.

Which side will you fight for? 




Commander:  Will Marshal of Team Faction


JASON (Blue side)

Commander: Kristopher Saxon of Infinite Death




Friday October 19

2pm Gates open for free primitive camping

Other camping and lodging options

Download camping waiver

Day 1 (Sat.) October 20

8am  Registration/ paint sales/ air fills+chrono stations open

11am Game briefing

12pm-3pm Game on!

3-4pm Lunch Break

4-6pm (switch sides) Game on!

Day 2 (Sun.) October 21

8am Registration/ paint sales/ air fills+Chrono stations open

9:30am Game briefing

10am-2pm Game on!

2-3pm Lunch break

3-3:30pm Final Battle

4pm Awards and Raffle


Strategy Map


General Big Game Rules

Air Fills 

CO2 and 3000-4500 psi HPA fills available.


 Equipment Rental Package: $15.00 per day

(includes semi auto gun w hpa tank & mask)

 Other Rentals

 Ammo Pack w/ 3pods: $5.00  per day                            

Chest Protector: FREE Rental. Just ask!

Military Jacket: $5.00 per day

V force Goggle: $5.00 per day

HPA Tank Rental: $5.00 per day



  Costume Contest+ Constant Respawn 

Dont' wait for the 5 minute window to get back into the game.  Have the power to just tag up at your insertion point and go back in!  Constant Respawn will be given ONLY to players who dress up in a costume.  MUST have some sort of attire to be able to identify what you are.


Best costume will win an Empire EVS mask + trophy.  Must be present for awards on Sunday.



Trophies will be awarded on Sunday at 4 pm.  Each side (Michael side and Jason side) will be awarded one MVT, MVP, MOFO, Sportsmanship, and Young gun award.  One "Victorious commander" cup will be awarded.



Paintball prizes will be raffled out after the awards on Sunday.  Winning numbers will be announced from the player cards.



Event photography

Fort Knox will post event pics after the event. Pics can be viewed on our Facebook.


Our Free primitive camping or local resorts will help your weekend stay be a comfortable visit. Fort Knox primitive camping is available Friday and Saturday nights on Big Game weekends. If you are not all about camping in the great outdoors, click here to view nearby motels/hotels, cabin rentals, and campgrounds with electric hookup and showers available.